Why Men have a Higher Metabolism than Women

One of the major questions that many people ask is whether there is a major difference in body metabolism among people of different gender. This is a question that is mostly asked as people try to understand how men and women bodies work. The answer to this question is that there is major difference on body metabolism between men and women. Men usually have higher level of metabolism compared to women. Men also burn more calories compared to women, but this is not to mean that women cannot lose weight just like men do. The major reason why men have a higher metabolism compared to women is because they usually have higher levels of lean body mass or muscles than women. Here are some other factors that make men have a higher metabolism compared to women.

When it comes to losing weight, the higher the body metabolism, the faster one loses weight. Men usually lose weight quickly than women because they have more body muscles. This makes them to burn more calories even when they are not exercises or doing any work. Men have more muscle tissues that contribute to their high metabolism. With the high levels of muscles tissues in the body, making them have the ability to burn more calories easier and quicker.

Aging Process Difference

As you age it is good to note that your body metabolism reduces in the process. When a woman ages, her overall body metabolism slows down faster than it happens to men. The major reason to this can still be attributed to the fact that men have high levels of muscles that stay active even when they are in their late forties. This is the age in which that most men tend to gain more weight. However, it is also worth noting that even if men have higher metabolism, it is also possible for women to boost their metabolic rate too.

Body Tissue Make Up

A great factor that that affects body metabolism is the make up of the body tissue. Lean body muscle or tissue tends to more active metabolically compared to fat. This means that such a body has the ability to burn more energy even when one is just resting. With this reason, mean usually have higher metabolism than women because of their higher ratio of muscle compared to fat. On the other hand, women tend to have higher amount of fat in the body compared to men, making them to have lower rate of metabolism. The lower metabolism can also be attributed to the fact that women store more fat in their body than men.

Men Tends to be More Active

Generally men tend to more active compared to women. This is also something that studies have revealed because of their aggressive nature in their day to day life. They are also stronger compared to women meaning that they can get involved in more aggressive activities that enhance their overall body metabolism. This is also a reason why they tend to lose weight faster than women.