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Metabolic Renewal is a revolutionary workout and diet program that is designed specifically for women to strip off stubborn body fat – resulting in a toned and lean body.

The program as been shown to enhance women’s hormones to bring about youthfulness and vigor. It not only aids in a optimizing hormones, but it also strengthens the heart, boosts energy levels, and helps create a nice, toned and about lean body. The workout itself helps to increase the amount of calories burned in a day – causing an increased amount of belly fat lost. All these are intended to bring about an improvement in metabolism.

Dr. Jade Teta is a biochemist with a Ph.D. in Naturopathic medicine and certified in strength and conditioning. He has been a personal trainer for the last 25 years and has conducted well over 10,000 training sessions with clients. He is the inventor of rest based training. He runs a metabolic enhancement clinic from North Carolina, helping people lose fat and helping them repair a sluggish metabolism that can cause weight problems.

After noticing the struggle and frustration most women experience, he took it upon himself to find a solution that works with a woman’s unique body makeup. Weight problems are more prevalent in women than men, especially those above 35 years. Teta has put together a program with high success rates for women.

He realized that working out too long and too hard, being too one-dimensional, and focusing too much on calories was the mistake most women were making.

From here he designed his intelligent workout theories to solve all three challenges and to help women burn more fat while reducing the exercise duration.

Buying Metabolic Renewal

The product is available for purchase from the official website only. The purchasing process is simple and secure.

They accept major credit cards and PayPal. The website states that the first few copies of the program will be priced at a significant discount (see here in new window) but the price will eventually increase.

Metabolic Renewal comes with a 90-day money back guarantee allowing you to try it risk-free.